Friday, 7 November 2008

Thursday, 30 October 2008

DARK ISLE – Rebekka interviewing George.

Rebekka – So you’ve read Dark Isle and I haven’t even started. So did you enjoy it?

George – Yep I’ve read it and yep, I enjoyed reading it.

Rebekka – So what’s the story about?

George – Well, I’ll try not to spoil it for you. The story is about a girl called Morag who lives with her foster parents because her parents are dead. And she misbehaves and was then locked in the basement. She then meets Aldiss and Bertie (a talking rat and a talking dodo) who are on a quest to save Marnoch Mor, The Magical Kindom, so Morag decides to help them.

Rebekka – A talking rat AND a talking dodo? Random…Well the genre will have to be fantasy (I really want a talking dodo for a pet J)

George – I’d rather have the rat! Anyway, on the quest they have to rescue the Eye of Lornish from the EVIL clutches of Devlish!

Rebekka – Haha! With a name like Devlish you have to be evil!! I wouldn’t like that name. Anyway, Dark Isle sounds really good!

George – If it sounds good it’s even better when you read it because of the great descriptions D A Nelson uses.

Rebekka – Oh, I can’t wait to read it now! Look out for George & Rebekka’s next post!! :D

Bunker 10 versus Witness versus Crusade!!!

Hi it’s the Grim Reader again, but this time I’m writing about my books!

Bunker 10 is about a couple of kids who are hoodwinked by the army into working for them. The place they work at is Pennygrove. They are forced into a dilemma in which they have to do terrible things and maybe kill people. Only thing is they are super smart in one way or another.

Witness is about a boy who has to become a man quicker than most. He lives on the land after his dad’s death. (Killed by the government) He has to seek shelter with some rebel fighters. Although he doesn’t know where they are. He doesn’t know who he can trust but he has to survive. During the book the events get weirder and weirder for him with strange twist and turns.

Crusade’s about two boys from different walks of life who are forced into going to war against each other in the holy land. The thing is they aren’t fighting they are being made do things just for their survival. Both side’s Christian and Muslim, think their cause is best. But whose is?

My favourite book of the three was Bunker Ten because the writer used different ideas instead of going for the stereo type story line. Witness was good though if a bit more depressing. But Bunker 10 won because it was more readable for younger readers.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Wrestle for the books

Gordon and Sammy discuss Dark Isle

Gordon: I don’t think D.A Nelson should have mixed factual characters and fictional creatures. Sammy: I think that it was a great idea!!!
Gordon: Maybe, but it was a bit confusing.
Sammy: I don’t think it was confusing at all because when you get into the book a little bit you forget that the dodo and dragon are extinct or never existed. Anyway in the story the dragon is a stone statue and then it turns into a real live thing.
Gordon: Even so I think they could’ve have been described a bit more.
Sammy: I know but I think it was a good idea to let you imagine the dragon and the dodo and the rat.
Gordon: Maybe but some people who don’t have a big imagination might have found it hard.
Sammy: Well maybe then the book isn’t for them because halfway through it some parts left you wondering what was going to happen later on in the story with these amazing characters.
Gordon: Yes but in the awards the book should be for most people in that age group.
Sammy: Good point but I think that most people would like it.
Gordon: Yes but the book award is for the best book that everyone will like not just a small portion.
Sammy: well then Dark Isle would be a clear winner then!!!

By Gordon and Sammy - Royal Rumblers